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ABOUT US YUDA medical equipment co., ltd YUDA medical, China North area the largest medical manufacture, since 1992. We provide perfect OR room solution and medical equipment solution!China North area the largest manufacture of medical and OR system, with 35 workshops 3 domestic factories covers an area of 480,000 million square meters. With factories in India, Indonesia, Russia and Egypt, YUDA became a leading famous brand in China.

Hot Products

    • Caronavirus Sterilize Machine

      Caronavirus Sterilize Machine

      To isolate caronavirus, and to keep in clean air for Austrilia mountain fire, YUDA company has produce an ideal machine for air clean and sterilia. It use Ozone to sterilize air bacteria and virus.he machine sucks some dirty air in the space and filters it through two layers: pre-filter screen, nanometer filter screen, filters the dust in the air, and returns the clean air that has been filtered to dilute the dirty air so as to reduce the total number of fine bacteria in the air.

    • Anion Ultraviolet UV Air Sterilize

      Anion Ultraviolet UV Air Sterilize

      How to keep healthy in flu, bacteria and virus deasease? YUDA medical has an ideal machine for your choice, it use Ozone to sterilize bacteria and virus in the air, and has dual turbocharging. The sterilizing rate on staphylococcus albus is 99.99%, for natural air bacterium sterilizing rate is 98.7%.