Dental Chair Light

Model: YD-09
Name: dental light cure unit
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Model: YD-09

Name: dental light cure unit

 dental lamp for users choice, with many choice for dental operation, you can choose an economic one to purchase and distributing. we will give 3 years warranty.

this dental light has 9 LED lens, the USA CREE brand LED lens, it can use long time to have a strong quality promise, the dental lamp tude diameter has 22, 26mm, can be optional, pls inform us before your odering. we can give a strong quality and good after service to you.



its key is light decrease, light increase, display screen, mode and star or off function, so it is easy for any one to control this light, when on installation, is has sense area, the connector is all steel connector.

the head cover color is ivory white, voltage is AC90-240V, Power is 30W, light color is yellow and white, material mainly use PVC and steel, temperature is 4500-5000k, the yellow light is 3000k. spot range is 80*160mm distance at 700mm

Product Details has 9 LED lens, wiht cold Shadowless light, the portable stand can be adopts

2. the colore temperature can be adjutable, which is suitable to human eye choice when on surgery and checking.
3. the Avereage & naturally spread out soft light,which is very comfort. 
4. it is 360 degree moving balance arm.

to get quick service online, pls call +86 13012921264

we will give you fast technical support and information.



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