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YUDA and GRAND medical group joint research an development patient montior series are strong on its technology, we have a strong engineer team in Shenzhen office. And we provide the patient monitor module board can compare with suntech.
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Product Details

Model: Grand120

Name: bedside monitor

 12.1 inches multi-parameter patient monitor

Warranty: 2 years

Portable Patient Monitor is adaptable to adult, pediatric and neonatal usage. It can monitor vital signals as ECG, Respiratory Rate, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP and IBP. It integrates parameter measuring modules, display and recorder in one device, featuring in compactness, lightweight and portability. Replaceable built-in battery facilitates transportation of patient. Large high-resolution display provides clear view of 5 waveforms and full monitoring parameters.


Features &Benefits:

1. 12.1” color TFT display, high resolution: 800×600dpi;

2. Separated para board: ECG, NIBP, SpO2 board;

3. Full touch-screen enables intuitive operation by clicking one the specific parameters or the waveform in real time, standard configuration includes the navigation knob.

4. Real time S-T segment analysis, and ARR analysis;

5. SpO2 Pitch Tone Variation and Drug Dose Calculation;

6. Parameter waveform and characters color selectable

7. Multi-display: Standard, Large font, Trend Coexis, OxyCRG dynamic

8. Standby mode for Energy saving and suspend monitoring;

9. 7-lead ECG waveforms display in phase;

10. Capture dynamic waveforms;

11. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and battery volume checking,

12. AC power checking

13. Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF knife;

14. SINNOR F-6 SpO2 technology, VS NELLCOR accuracy;

15. Networking capacity and TCP/IP networking platform enable abundant future upgrade

16. Time delay switch-off function keep the monitor data restart monitor;

17. Complete and flexible mounting solution for transportation and in-patient monitoring

Standard parameters: 5-lead ECG, SpO2(F-5),NIBP, TEMP,RESP,PR,HR.

Optional: Touch Screen, Thermal Recorder, 3/12-lead ECG, 2/4-IBP,4-TEMP,2-SpO2, Nellcor/Masimo SpO2,BIS, Phaisein/ Respironics Multi-gas, ICG/CO, FHR, FM, TOCO,


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