Advanced Patient Monitor

Shandong Grand& YUDA Medical Group patient monitor series with engineers comes from Mindray and GE, by using 10 years, our patient monitor series are combined by YUDA and GRAND group. we have a reliable technical team on the vital sign patient monitor, multi-parameter patient monitor and cardiac holter ECG machine. Complete discrete module design with five built-in PCB boards, reduce the mutual interference of different parameter units and high precision parameter module
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Product Details

Model: Grand120

Name: advanced patient monitor

 patient monitor manufacturer

Related model: Grand120C, Grand120D, Grand120S

Warranty: 2 years

1) The superiority of Patient Monitor lies in the accuracy of the monitoring data.Bedside patient monitor (multi-parameter patient monitor) is applied to the general ward, and we can do better.We used the F-5 oxygenation module and the N-5. The blood pressure module has even been used in operating rooms by both domestic and foreign hospitals, so GRAND can do better for the requirements of general hospital wards. Recommended model: Grand120(12 inches) Grand100(10 inches).

Grand Medical Group Monitoring technologies deliver clinical information you can trust.



Features & Benefits                                                     

1.  Display: 12.1” color TFT display, high resolution: 800×600dpi;

2.  6 Parameters: Standard - 5-lead ECG/HR, NIBP, SPO2, Temp., Resp., PR;   Optional: Touch Screen, Printer,:3/12-lead ECG, single/double IBP, double Temp., Sun Tech NIBP, Masimo/Nellcor Spo2, ETCO2,BIS,CO;

3.  Patient Range: Suitable for Adult, Pediatric, Neonate;

4.  Multi-display interface: Standard, Large font, Trend Coexist, OxyCRG dynamic, 7 full ECG waveforms;

5.  Language: Built-in 8 language for choose (English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian);

6.  Review: Maximum 720h tabular and graphic trends of all parameters, 1000NIBP records and 200 alarm event;

7.  Separated para board:  main board, ECG board, SPO2 board, and NIBP board are independent;

8.  Advance patient Manage: gender, full name, ID no., room no., bed no.,  weight,height, blood type, paced or not, remakes;

9.  Full touch-screen enables intuitive operation by clicking one the specific parameters or the waveform in real time, standard configuration includes the navigation knob.

10. Real time S-T segment analysis, and ARR analysis;Capture dynamic waveforms;

11. SpO2 Pitch Tone Variation and Drug Dose Calculation;

12. Interface: Color, layout of each parameters can be set up by user need, bed to bed view display(optional);

13. Network: TCP/IP networking platform, connect with central monitoring system. Wifi central monitoring system (optional).

14. Fanless: Use special fanless cooling technology in the device to provide users quiet environment;

15. Standby mode for Energy saving and suspend monitoring;

16. Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, battery volume checking, 4 hours rechargeable lithium battery (optional);

17. Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF knife;

18. GRAND F-6 SpO2 technology, VS NELLCOR accuracy; which is as correct as Nellcor spo2 but cheaper than it(optional);

19.Time delay switch-off function keep the monitor data restart monitor;

20.Complete and flexible mounting solution for transportation and in-patient monitoring


Performance Specifications

Display:         12.1”color TFT

Rolling and refreshing waveform display

Resolution: 800×600

Multi display selectable including:

Large-font display

Trend coexist display

OxyCRG dynamic view display.

Bed-to-bed view display

Trace:             9 waveforms(7 ECG, 1 SPO2 and 1 RESP)

Sweep speed:12.5mm/s,25mm/s,50mm/s

Indicator:          Power/battery indicator light

QRS beep and alarm sound

Battery:           Rechargeable lead acid cell, 12v/4AH

Max.24 hour for charging, 4 hours for continue working

Trend:             Parameter graphic and tabular trends:

5s/piece,8 hours;

1min/piece,168 hours(24hour×7days)

5min/piece,1000 hours.

Storage:           NIBP: 1000 groups

Alarm: 200 groups

Full disclosure waveforms: 3600S

SD card external storage

Alarm:         User-adjustable High, Medium and Low limits 3-level

 Audible and visual alarm

Networking:        Connected to central monitoring system

TCP/IP netting platform

Recorder:         Build-in, thermal array

Plethysmogram caveform:2 channels

Record mode: manual, on alarm, time-defined

Recording width: 50mm

Printing speed: 50mm/s

Recording type:    Frozen waveform record

NIBP recall record

Trend table record

Alarm record

Fixed -time record

Standard parameter:


Lead mode:    5 –lead(R,L,F,N,C)

Lead selection :   I,II,III,avR,avL,avF,V

Waveform:        3 and 7 channel selectable

Gain selection:    0.5mm/mv,1mm/mv,2mm/mv

Sweep speed:    12.5mm/s;25mm/s;50mm/s

Heart rate range:      Adult: 15~300bpm;


Accuracy:     +1bpm or +1%,whichecer is greater

Resolution:        1bpm

Filter:     surgery mode:1~20Hz

monitor model:0.5~40Hz

Diagnostic mode:0.05~130Hz

Scaling signal:    1mv,+3%

Protection:       withstand 4000VAC/50 voltage isolation against electrosurgical interference and defibrillation

Alarm range:    15~350bpm

S-T segment detecton:  

Measurement range:  2.0mV~+2.0mV                         

Alarm Range:         -2.0mV~ +2.0mV

Accuracy:            -0.8mV ~+0.8Mv

Error:               +0.02Mv

Arrhythmia analysis: YES


Measurement range:        0~100%

Resolution:                1%

Accuracy:                 +2%(70-100%);0-69% unspecified

Alarm range               0~100%

Pluse Rate:                

range:        20~300bpm

Resolution:   1bpm

Error:        +1bpm or +2%,whichever is greater


Method:                   Digital Automatic oscillometric

Operation mode :            Manual/Automatic/continuous

Auto measurement time:      Adjustable(1~480min)

Measurement Unit:          mmHg/Kpa selectable

Measurement types:         Systolic, Diastolic, Mean  

Measurement tange:

Range of Systolic pressure:    Adult: 40~270mmHg

Pediatric: 40~220mmHg

Neonate: 40~135mmHg

Range of mean pressure:      Adult: 20~235mmHg

Pediatric: 20~165mmHg

Neonate: 20~110mmHg

Range of diastolic pressure:   Adult: 10~215mmHg

Pediatric: 10~150mmHg

Neonate :10~100mmHg

Over-pressure protection:     Double safety protection

Resolution:                 1 mmHg

Alarm:                    Systolic.Diastolic,Mean


Method:                     Thoracic impedance

Measurement range:           Adult:7~120rpm;


Apnea alarm:                 YES,10~40s

Resolution:                   1rpm

Accuracy:                    +2rpm


Compatible probe:             YSI or CYF

Measurement range:           5~50℃

Resolution :                   0.1℃

Accuracy:                    +0.1℃

Refreshing time:               about 1

Average measuring time:        <10s


Transducer:   Multi-crystal, Pulsed Doppler

Measurement range:  50~210 BPM

Working frequency:   1 MHz

Strength:   <5mW/cm2

Signal processing:  

special DSP system and modern recognization.

Resolution:   1BPM

Accuracy:    ±1BPM

Alarm Range:  High: 160,170,180,190 BPM,

Low: 100,110,120 BPM


Manual button marking,

automatic FM identifying function

TOCO Measuring

Transducer:  External pressure transducer

Measurement range:  0~100 units

Resolution:  1rpm

Accuracy:  ±2 rpm


Channel: 2 channels

Range: -50-300mmHg

Resolution: 1mmHg

Accuracy: ±4mmHg(±4%)

Unit: mmHg, Kpa

Converter Sensitivity: 5mV/V/mmHg

Transducer sites: ART/PA/CVP/LAP/RAP/ICP

EtCO2( Sidertream CO2)

Measurement range:   0~99mmHg

Accuracy:   +2mmHg (0~40mmHg)

Sampling Range:   100ml/min

Sampling rate accuracy:   15%

Respiration rate:   0~120rmp

Respiration accuracy:  +2rmp (0~70rmp)

+5rmp (>70rmp)

Respiration time:   <240msec (10% to 90%)

Delay time:  <2s

EtCO2 (mainstreaam CO2)

Method:   Infrared Spectrum

Range:   0.0-10% (0~76%)

Resolution:   1mmHg (0.1%)

Accuracy:   <5%(±4.0 mmHg)

         Or<10%(of Readings)



Build-in, thermal array

Plethysmogram caveform:2 channels

Record mode: manual, on alarm, time-defined

Recording width: 50mm

Printing speed: 50mm/s

Recording type:  Frozen waveform record

NIBP recall record

Trend table record

Alarm record

Fixed -time record



Safety level: Class I, type CF

Dimendion and Weight

Dimendion:      28*42*48cm         

G.Weight:        <6.5KS

Operation Environment

Temperature:    Working 0~+40℃

Transportation and storage –20~+60℃

Humidity:       working≤85%

Transportation and storage≤93%

Power:          AC 100-240,50/60Hz

Patient range:    Neonate,pediatric,and adult patients

Accessories supplies

(1) 5 lead ECG cable  

(2) 1 spo2 probes  

(3) 1 NIBP prbe  

(4) 1 temp probe

(5)1 ground connecting liner  

(6) Chest electrode (10pcs/set)


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