The function and role of nursing bed

- Dec 17, 2020-

First of all, the multifunctional electric nursing bed allows the user to adjust the height of the back and feet through the hand controller beside the pillow, and conveniently and flexibly carry out horizontal lifting, avoiding bedsores caused by long-term bed rest, and helping to recover quickly; It can rise up to 80 degrees, and the foot can drop down to 90 degrees. Equipped with the free drop function of the foot shelf, so that the soles of the feet can be placed on the shelf very easily, making people feel comfortable as if sitting on a chair in a natural posture; and the bed is equipped with a dining shelf, which is convenient for users Sitting on the bed, eating, watching TV or reading and writing, and for users, this function of the multifunctional automatic nursing bed helps to reduce discomfort and provide convenience when changing clothes or changing body positions; multifunctional automatic The nursing bed is also equipped with universal casters, which can function as a wheelchair and is easy to move, and is equipped with brakes and detachable guardrails. The bed board can be disassembled instantly; the mattress is generally half cotton and half cotton with good air permeability and high durability. , Very light and easy to carry.

Back lift function, leg lift function, turn over function, foldable guardrail, movable table board, these functions are still included in most nursing beds. My family also uses the toilet function, shampoo function, and turn over. If it is my home’s trifold turning over, because it’s paralyzed by the head, I can’t take care of myself at all, so the three fold turning over is more comfortable, including the usual feeding, scrubbing, exercise, and daily care. It is very convenient!

Back-up function: relieve back pressure and meet the daily needs of patients

Leg lift function: to promote blood circulation in the patient's legs, prevent leg muscle atrophy and joint stiffness.

Turnover function: It is recommended for patients with paralysis and disability to turn over once every 1 to 2 hours to prevent bedsores and relax the back. After turning over, the nursing staff can help adjust the side sleeping position

Defecation aid function: The electric potty is opened, together with the back-up and leg-curved functions, the human body can sit upright to urinate and defecate, which is convenient for cleaning up the care recipient.

Shampoo and feet function: remove the mattress at the head of the nursing bed and insert it into a special washing basin for people with limited mobility. With some angles of the back function, the hair washing function can be realized. The foot of the bed can also be removed, and with the function of the Midst wheelchair, it is more convenient for people to wash their feet and massage. As the name suggests, it helps patients and some disabled elderly people to lift their legs and lower their legs, because some patients or disabled elderly cannot get out of bed. Walking exercises, leg muscles without exercise are prone to atrophy, and poor blood circulation can cause necrosis. The lifting and lowering function of the Midst nursing bed can help patients well, exercise leg muscles, prevent muscle atrophy, and promote Blood circulation, avoid leg vein thrombosis!