What is a good operating lamp

- Nov 24, 2019-

YUDA medical-- EST-1992. YUDA surgical light can be a very ideal model as operating room choice. For many doctors, hospitals, medical offices and surgical centers, selecting the best surgical lighting for your budget is a complex question. What is a good operating lamp?

Norms and requirements for surgical light Homogenous light: The light should offer good illumination on a flat, narrow or deep surface in a cavity, despite obstacles such as surgeons' heads or hands. Lux: The central illuminance should be between 160,000 and 40,000 lux.


simply talking:1.  an optical condenser in an indirect light to reduce the heating (A convender is an optical lens which renders a divergent beam from a point source into a parallel beam or converging beam to illuminate an object)

2: electrical technology control of the light should decrese the heating produce, and shall get a homogenous light without diffuse.

3: Backup possibility: In case of interruption of the power supply, the light should be restored within 5 seconds with at least 50% of the previous lux intensity, but not less than 40,000 lux. Within 40 seconds the light should be completely restored to the original brightness.