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Because of the COVID-19, there are lots of factories join the medical masks, which factories are not blong to medical manufactures, 90% masks now are not qualitied. without EO sterilization, without 100,000 class clean area, without class II medical standard. YUDA Medical recalls all buyers pls comes to reasonable on people’s healthcare, to get standard medical masks with EO sterilization, not common masks. We asks buyers please buy medical masks.
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Because of the COVID19, there are lots of factories join the medical masks, which factories are not blong to medical manufactures, 90% masks now are not qualitied. without EO sterilization, without 100,000 class clean area, without class II medical standard. YUDA Medical recalls all buyers pls comes to reasonable on people’s healthcare, to get standard medical masks with EO sterilization, not common masks. We asks buyers please buy medical masks. 

YUDA medical has 100,000 level sterilized workshop, with EO sterilize masks, which are medical and surgical use N95 (3M/ FPP2) surgical class II level maks, this mask can anti-virus, not only anti faze.


YUDA 100,000 level sterilized workshop.


If you need to buy bulk of masks, disposable or N95 masks, pls contact us, the manufacture in China, the famous brand in China.

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