2020 Year YUDA Medical Group Distributor Ceremony

- Dec 02, 2020-

        On Feb 2nd 2020, YUDA medical group invited Shandong province distributors to company for annual ceremony. This ceremony was healed in the five star hotel.

         The hall was brimming with lights, and there was a cheerful and peaceful atmosphere inside and outside the venue.At four o 'clock in the afternoon, the leaders from hospitals and distributors from all over Shandong signed their names and. The family of YUDA extended a warm welcome and thanked each customer for their trust and support.


       The guests gather together, it's the fate let us together, trust let us with yuda co-prosperity.Sodality to group chairman Yang Hongwei speech opened the prelude.Chairman Yang expressed his gratitude to all leaders and friends for their love and support to YUDA Group for a long time.We feel very fortunate to be able to join hands with you in the process of the continuous development of YUDA.For hospital users, we are excellent service providers;For marketing channels, we are tacit cooperation partners, but also the most sincere friends!Now we are standing at a new starting point and embarking on a new journey. May we gather strength and create brilliance again!

mmexport1606880833529_             Chairman Andy Yang then introduced the layout and promotion of intelligent medical treatment of YUDA Group to the guests.YUDA Group is a leading manufacturer of medical care equipment and a provider of overall smart medical solutions in China, with the only smart demonstration plant in the industry.YUDA Group has established a Smart Medical Research Institute in Suzhou and a High-end Medical Hardware Manufacturing Research Institute in Wuxi. Currently, YUDA Group has formed an integrated and two-wing development layout with medical informatics as the core and intelligent hardware and medical care equipment as the support.

YUDA - model of channel cooperation---Adhere to distribution to let the channel business----Our products cover all the departments in the hospital----More than 2000 domestic channel business long-term cooperation Hundreds of dealers have grown with YUDA.



During the meeting, the partners and hospital users also visited the product exhibition hall and intelligent demonstration factory of YUDA Group in Yanzhou, and gave a high evaluation.



YUDA medical group is the leading and famous brand in China, we are especially very professional and strong on the OR equipment research and development. YUDA owns more than 480,000 sqaure meters, 39 workshops, with 4 branch R&D technology offices in China, and Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia and Uzbekistan offices as distribution.

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