NEW YDE300 Minor Surgery Examination Lamp

- Aug 20, 2020-

   In 2020 year, under the basis of YDE300, YUDA produced out a similar YDE300, which is more economic, more portable with sterile handles to cater into the minor surgery and examination lamps market. It will save the buyers cost for clinic, outpatient and hospitals. 



LED beads type: German OSRAM LEDS

LED quantities: 20

illlumination: 45,000-120,000 lux

color temperature: 3500-5500K


Life span: more than 70,000 hours

       This NEW YDE300, with 20 LED beads, it has 45,000-120,000 lux illumination, 3500-5500 color temperature adjustment, three buttons the the side of lamp head, it will not adjust step by step, but YUDA operating lamps advantages lie in the adjustment will be fluently, gently and softly with manual control, while the lighting can be automatically adapt to the outside light. So the light and color temperature change will not be sharply.

        NEW YDE300 examination lamp has won the 80 sets tender in Bulgaria, it is an appropriate exam light for your tenders, large details market choice. Please feel free to contact us for more information.