What Are The High-quality Functions Of Medical Electric Nursing Beds?

- Dec 17, 2020-

The head and foot of the bed are made of plastic steel, which are mainly medium and high-end household nursing beds. The bed body is made of steel pipe, and the head and foot of the bed are made of plastic steel. Plastic steel is not as cold as ordinary steel pipes, but it is firm Stronger than ordinary steel pipes and ABS, the head and foot of the bed can generally be disassembled, and it is more convenient to use.

The medical nursing bed is equipped with a waterproof mattress. The liquid does not penetrate the surface layer and is easy to wipe. It keeps the bed surface clean and hygienic for a long time. 3. The stainless steel double-section infusion stand allows users to administer drips at home, which is more convenient for users and nursing staff.

The detachable head and foot of the bed are convenient for nursing staff to wash hair, feet, massage and other daily care for users.

The function of medical electric hospital bed. The detachable multifunctional dining table can be removed to push the bottom of the bed when you have finished eating. The wired remote control device allows you to easily adjust the posture of the back and feet, and you can use the calling device in the wired remote control device to solve the user's urgent needs anytime and anywhere. The material of the home care bed frame is generally steel pipe. The main difference is the material difference between the head and foot of the bed. The materials of the head and foot of the bed are mainly steel pipe, ABS (engineering plastic), plastic steel, and solid wood.