Why Choose YUDA Hospital Bed?

- May 10, 2018-

      There are many options for customers when facing various hospital furniture. Many hospital bed looks more or less the same, especially online as they look with a delicate photo retouching. The real goods will on customers hand will be unlike the online advertisement, that’s why we have been received many feedback from others.

YUDA medical is the largest medical manufacturer in China, we are very professional on OR equipment production as the leading brand, the hospital furniture is our second main production advantage. YUDA is started from the manufacturing of hospital bed, medical carts and medical stainless steel trolley. Before 2015, YUDA has been invested more than 300 million dollars on the modernized workshops, with 300-400 workers and 39 workshops to achieve an efficiency workflow.


      Although many factories can produce hospital bed and ABS medical cart and trolley, but the most difference lies in the technology and crafts, obviously some cases happened that ABS medical carts get smashed on the ABS surface, the steel welding connection broken, the electric hospital bed motor unworked, the 304 stainless steel surface purity and lighting...



hospital bed-1_

Why choose YUDA hospital bed?

1. YUDA has a modernized workshop from the first acid pickling on steel to the last assemble and warehouse, as a whole modernized production line, we can control all the process under a strict test criterion with a quality system(QS).

2. YUDA invested more than 300 million dollars over past 3 decades, the hospital bed ABS head/ foot design, guardrail design, ABS medical cart and trolley, color painting control, YUDA has the design engineer from Italy and German. We are a famous brand in China and globally.

3. YUDA can achieve perfectly and ergonomically on the detail processing, like weld and ABS color design and choose, by using qualified ASKUE power painting, with Japan FANUC robot AI control, YUDA hospital furniture can use longer time without color change and anti-aging.

4. YUDA has adopted AI control on production and stock, we have joined several times MOH, WTO, UN government tenders and public hospital tenders, we can finish 1000-3500 sets hospital beds within 1 week.