Why Choose YUDA Operating Lamp?

- Feb 16, 2019-

     YUDA medical is the leading brand in China, especially we are very strong on OR equipment. We started producing operating lamp since 1998, not too long, but over the decades YUDA has employed German engineers with China top medical universities cooperation, YUDA produced out the appropriate LED surgical lights for markets.

operating lamp-1

     Most of YUDA operating lamp adopts the idea of round design, according with the laminar turbulence design, the purified laminar air can easily move along the streamline of the operating lamp, and the lamp holder can maintain a better working temperature, effectively guaranteeing the service life of the LED lamp bead.

         In surgical procedures high-quality light is required to creat as reliable visual information as possible of the area being operated on. YUDA LED operating light can get more than 100,000 hours LED beads life, 12-15 years operating lamp service life. If distributor have 100% correct installation, YUDA operating lamp will have 0 after service problem.

       YUDA medical operating lamp has been gloablly distributed, thanks to our local distributors, because of your trust and dedication together, we are on the road to be the leading world advanced medical manufacturer, to let more people to get the appropriate medical products.