Why Choose YUDA Operating Table?

- Oct 23, 2019-

     As a leading brand in China, YUDA medical group are committed to producing advanced operating tables to the global health care. YUDA operating table from electric integrated operating table, electric X-ray compatible orthopedic surgical table, hydraulic and electric heavy load operating table, X-ray imaging table, Ob GYN surgery table, examination table, eye ophthalmology OT table and GYN delivery beds.


YUDA first floor OR equipment Medical Exhibition Hall

operating table-1_


Eye ophthalmology table,  Heavy load X-ray orthopedic integrated operating table, hydraulic electric operating table

operating table-2_

Electric operating table,  X-ray imaging table,   OB gynecology operating table

      YUDA operating table, with stable German Dunkermotoren motor, stable column, ergonomic design and strong service span life, YUDA operating tables are in a leading status in China. The C-arm use carbon fiber is produced out by YUDA, with our patent, there are only two company can produce carbon fiber material.