YUDA 2020 Contribution To Anti-virus As A Leading Medical Manufacturer In China

- May 08, 2020-

            In the end of 2019, the world suffered a severe virus--COVID-19. It caused the loss of many peoples lives, and stoke the world economy in a recession.

            YUDA medical group, as the leading and professional medical manufacturer in China, with instant reaction, YUDA never gave up or shut donw because of this pandemic. By using our advantage on OR equipment workshops, YUDA group changed part of its OR workshop into 100,000 level sterile workshops to produce surgical TypeIIR masks, medical sterile masks and civilian masks.


YUDA medical masks workshop


YUDA has won the bulk tenders with MOH from the UK, Saudi Arab and some hospitals for surgical typeIIR masks, medical sterile masks and civilian masks. We have supplied more than 2 billion masks globally as a new started masks manufacturer. We did great contribution to the world for health care.

    uv air sterilizer machine

YUDA UV air sterilizer machine workshop

          YUDA medical UV air sterilizer machine has been widely used in China clinics, hospitals, outpatients, schools, public areas and personal living room. It can effectively sterilize the bacteria 99.99%, and some of the virus in the air. It can also purifier inner living room air with natural fresh sterile air.

        YUDA has donated more than 1000 pcs hospital beds and 500 sets UV air sterile machine for hospitals, public health care institution. We shall play the role in intelligent medical treatment for the world as the leading company, we shall make our due contribution to the world medical and health care, we shall provide medical care for distributors, hospitals and patients and carry the responsiblity as a professional medical manufacturer!