YUDA AI Digital Intelligent Factory Workshop And Stock

- Oct 18, 2019-

     YUDA medical group, the leading medical manufacturer in China, with professional manufacturing technologies and crafts, in 2019 years,

YUDA finished the first and only one AI intelligent workshops in China. It can greatly improve the production efficiency and decrease the rejects.    


YUDA----annual output of 60,000 advanced medical equipment intelligent demonstration plants

Project overview: the total investment of the project is 22.2 million dollars including: warehousing center, cutting center, sheet metal forming center, 

stamping center, welding center, surface treatment center, assembly transportation line, logistics system, software control system.

ai shop-1_

We use Messer automatic laser plate cutting center, Ake bending workstation, Fanuc welding robot system and other advanced machine. 

Integrated Design (CAD) Engineering (CAE) Process (CAPP) Manufacturing Integration (CAM) System.The whole plant MES manufacturing execution system,

APS order scheduling system, WMS intelligent full storage logistics system, data acquisition and video monitoring acquisition system (SCADA), and finallynrealize the "sales - research and development - production - service" integration of the new intelligent manufacturing model.


The transparency and visualization of the production process can be realized, the production efficiency can be increased by 3 times, the rate of defective products can be reduced by 80%, and the energy utilization rate can be increased by 15%.



Welcome to join YUDA Medical Group, we shall promote the world health care and intelligent medical, and we thanks for our distributors contribution

 and hospital users trust. YUDA will do better!