YUDA Group CMEF 2019

- May 01, 2019-

YUDA group CMEF 2019

on 2019-05-02, YUDA medical exhibition in Shanghai CMEF.


YUDA medical group, it has 3 domestic self-owned distributing companies and workshop: KADA and FEITIAN .

KADA medical imaging factories are producing digital X-ray imaging machine, patient monitors and ultrasound machine. KADA brand was established in 2009 years,

and YUDA groups constantly invested more than 3000 miliion dollars on the reaserch and development on ICU medical imaging area.

FEITIAN medical is a workshop on the reaserch and development on AKSUE powder ABS material, to the material for hospital bed, medical cart and medical trolley material production.


YUDA medical group, by using 20 years focus on operating room products, our operating lamp and operating table and medical pendant have been a leading top brand in China.

by using 30 years, we dedicated on the cost and development improve, to give hospitals and customers an advanced humanized hospital furniture system.

by using 10 years, we dedicated on the reaserch and development on the ICU ECG, patient monitor and ultrasound machine.

YUDA holter dynamic ECG machine and analysis engine, is a world leading advanced technology.