YUDA Medical Group Will Constantly Being The Leading Brand In China-2019 2020 Annual Feast

- Dec 31, 2019-

YUDA medical group will constantly being the leading brand in China-2019 2020 annual feast

On date 2019-12-31, the last day of 2019, YUDA medical group held a 2019 to 2020 year annual feast together.


YUDA group 2019 year summary and commendation conference.

Congratulate for hard-working salesman, with their effort, YUDA can get stronger.

Congratulate for engineers and technical staffs, with their dedicated effort, YUDA are constantly on the new products research and development.


President Mr.Chen deliveried a speech over the 2019, for the future 2020.

YUDA medical are going to merge into Grand medical group. By company products line growth, strategic merger and with the third factories coorperation, YUDA GRAND 

group now is an expansive coveraged workshop. 


YUDA medical is the largest medical manufacture in North China, since 1992. In 2019 year, Chinese government invested 10 million dollars on the workshop digital AI control. 

Hence, YUDA medical group are the domestically first digital AI control production workshop and stock, covers an area 480,000 square meters with 38 workshops.