Ceiling Mounted Double Dome Mobile Operating Light

YUDA medical, the largest surgery device manufacture in North China.The ideal, mid-sized light for surgery and procedures, the YDE500/700 delivers maximum brightness, sharpness and color accuracy. So you can visualize your work in the most precise way.
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Product Details

ceiling mounted double dome mobile operating light

Model: YDE500/700

Price: 5,500$ -6,500$ ( To get your targer price? pls contact us by Whats app, 

or call us directly:+86 130 1292 1264)

made in China

Factory: Shandong YUDA medical

warranty: 2 years


life span: more than 100,000 hours


Technical Parameters:                            700 LED head/500 LED head
illuminance adjustable range :                   25% - 100% 
K Color Temperature :                            3500-5000K 
CRI RA :95         R9  :90   R13 :92 
50% Spot Diameter (D50):                         150 mm     /     120 mm
10% Spot Diameter (D10):                         280 mm     /     230 mm
Illumination Depth:                              140cm     /     120 cm
Ultraviolet light irradiance within40nm wave length:0.002W/M2
Terperature at surgeon's head:                   ≤ 2°C
Focus mode: manual or electric(optional,but price is different)
Power Supply:                                    220V,50HZ 
Lamp Beads Power:                                1W * 60N / 1W *45N
Input Power:                                     85W       /        65W
The Average Life Expectancy H Lamp Beads:        100,000 Hours
Lowest installation height:                      2.65 M-3.2M (104''-123'')

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