Hospital Equipments Double Dome Mobile Led Surgical Light

YUDA medical is a manufacturer of operating room and hospital furniture for the medical healthcare industry. Through innovation, state-of-the-art facility, and technology, we are at the forefront of developing products that achieve the quality major surgical lamp brands and renowned OT table leaders expect. We are committed to offering pioneering, high quality and a portfolio combine of both cost and quality on medical equipment industry.
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Product Details

hospital equipments double dome mobile led surgical light

Model: YDE500/700, YDE500, YDE500/500, YDE500/700 with camera monitor system, YDE300

type: mobile standing, single/double/triple head ceiling mounted, wall-mounted

warranty: 2 years

made in China

factory: Shandong YUDA medical

LED surgical light life span: more than 100,000 hours

product picture:



Technical Parameters:                            700 LED head/500 LED head
illuminance adjustable range :                   25% - 100% 
K Color Temperature :                            4000-5000K 
CRI RA :95         R9  :90   R13 :92 

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