Mobile Surgical Lights High Intensity

The NEW DW YDE500/700 Surgical Light - Double Ceiling Mount combines the power of 80+48 energy-efficient LED lights for seamless, clear light in surgeons. With 75,000-200,000 lux and a color rendering index of 96, the NW DW LED provides accurate color light for surgeries, operations, examiantions ,diagnosis and treatment.
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mobile surgical lights high intensity

The NEW DW LED lamp is incredibly energy-saving, both economic and dynamic in mordern operating room. It uses 70% less energy, but has a 10 times longer lifespan than other LED bulbs. The quantiy is  around the 80+48 LED lights can be adjusted in size and shape, giving users the option of smaller or larger light patterns. 

The NEW DW YDE500/700 LED ceiling surgical light  - Double Ceiling Mount is best for areas where bright, clear light is needed for accurate surgeries, operations, diagnosis and treatment. These can include trauma centers, examination rooms, minor surgery suites, and more. See the Lighting Guide for more information.



  • Three the power of double ceiling mount, with 80+48 LED lights.

  • Twice the arm reach, with a range of 146 inches.

  • Lasts 10 times longer than traditional LED operating lamps.

  • Adjustable with one hand, using the center handle.

  • Uses 70% less energy.


  • Weight: 93 lb (42.18 kg).

  • Reach: 157” (400 cm).

  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

  • Light Intensity: 150,000 Lux at 1 meter.

  • Light Color Temperature: 4,300 -7,600Kelvin.

  • Number of LED Modules: 80(700 head) +48 (500 head)

  • LED Lifespan: 100,000 hours.

  • Power: 120 watts.

  • Color Rendering Index: 96.

  • Lamphead Diameter: 27.55”(700mm) + 19.68''(500mm).

  • Light Field Diameter: 13” - 15” (33 cm - 38 cm).

  • Depth of Illumination: 54” (137 cm).

  • Minimum Ceiling Height: 8 ft. (244 cm).

  • Maximum Ceiling Height: 12 ft. (366 cm).

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