Ceiling Mounted Surgical Lighting System for Human Tissue

Ceiling-mounted Operating Lamp High Intensity A high q uality lighting is essential for every operating room. We offers a variety of high-quality LED surgical lights and medical examination lights to meet the needs of today's operating rooms and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC). YUDA medical...
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Ceiling Mounted Surgical Lighting System for Human Tissue

Surgical Lighting in any medical office is of great importance, no matter if it is an ER, an OR, a trauma bay, a surgical office, or an exam room in a doctor’s office. This applies to dentist offices as well, for dental implants, and veterinary surgery rooms for large or small animals. All medical professionals need excellent lighting when providing care.

The following model NEW YDE500/700 can has its advantages:

Surgeons and doctors require high-intensity light without glare and shadows. The intensity of light is measured in a unit called a lux. Medical lights typically have a wide range from 80,000 to 160,000 lux.( 500 head)

YDE57 E type

New Model: YDE500/700

This surgical lights deliver pure white light that enhances deep saturated reds and colors, minimizes shadows and uses 34% less heat, saving energy.

It is important that doctors and technicians can clearly see the body’s tissues and organs during a medical procedure especially deep into body cavities. 


Technical data:

Spot center illumination in color temperature 5000K: 60,000--200,000 & 50,000-160,000 (lux)

Color temperature:3700-6700(K)

Ra: 96

50% Spot diameter d50: 150

10% Spot diameter d50: 260

Illuminance depth: 140mm(700 head) & 120mm(500 head)

LED average life: ≥100,000


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