Orthopedic Surgery Table

Model: DST 700
Name: orthopedic surgery table
Styles : Operation theatre table
Electric orthopedic imaging integrated operating
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Product Details

Product Details
Model: DST 700

Name: orthopedic surgery table

Styles : Operation theatre table 

Electric orthopedic imaging integrated operating


Product Description

DST-700 Carbon fiber table top electric orthopedic image table translation move


1/ Move back and forth range 330mm, compatible with C-Arm with accurate and convenient positioning space, the patient could do systemic X-ray examination. the table with one key reset function for CPR.

2/table board is made of Carbon fiber, low X-ray absorption , high-definition perspective imaging results, greatly reduced the radiation damage to patients and doctors.

3/the base made of stainless steel. the frame is stainless steel with Anti-glare treatment,easy to clean and maintain. Can maintain 20 years long time service life, with maximum 380kg for capacity.


With strong mattress pad for comfortable, with wire controller, with X-ray imaging match up, this DST-700 operating table is an ideal model for surgical room equipments.



Bed panel                      2020x535+/-10mm

Bed height                     min height 695 +/-20mm

                             Max height 995+/-20mm

Lifting up and down             300+/-20mm

Horizontal move                330+/-20mm

Head and foot lilt               foot lilt 30 °+/-2°

Lateral tilt                     left 25 °  +/- 2°

                             Right 25°  +/-2°

Back plate fold                 upward  65°  +/-2 °

                             Downward 20° +/-2°

Leg plate fold                  upward   35°  +/- 5°

Head section fold               upward 45 °+/- 5°

                             Downward 90° +/-5 °

One key reset function                 electric  

Battery                        one week 80-100

Table panel x-ray                   <0.44mm AL

Bed lock                           electric

Power supply                  AC 220V 50HZ   300VA

              DC 24V

Net weight / capacity weight          300kg 430kg  



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