Hydraulic Surgery Table

De---produced by YUDA MEDICAL GROUP. It is an amazing advanced integrated operating table. Application of modern technology, German Dunkeron motor and Taiwan Hydraulic transmission workflow, combined with the idea of humanized design, meet the requirements of operation in the process of video observation and diagnosis, comprehensive strength, for each part of the human body surgery hospital opeST-III is a Modern OR room Integrated C-arm compatible Electro-hydraulic Operating Tablrating room.
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Product Details

Model: DST-III

Name: hydraulic surgery table

Warranty: 2 years

Manufacture: YES

DST-III --It bears patient weight max up to 250kg ( 551 lbs), with a lower position comes to 640mm(25.19in), permits ergonomic working positions, both seated and standing.Except as an universal operating table, DST-III has the function of X-ray imaging, with carbon fiber board, match up to C-arm, which is economic to modern demands.


●DST-III use electric and hydraulic. Germany Dunkeron motor with Taiwan hydraulic transmission.

●370mm horizontal movement. Micro-computor

control stability. Table board is carbon fiber material, high clearance, supply accurate space for C-arm and X-ray imaging of full body without moving the patient.

●304 stainless steel for the cover of ABS base.

≥100mm castors can be both manual and electric locked.

●It has standard and reverse standard function for head and foot exchange requirement.

●One reset function, with two independent

electric controlling system.

●High density memory mattress.

●Function: low position, high position, horizontal movement, kidney bridge elevation, lateral tilt left and right, trendelenburg, reverse-trendelenburg, anorectum operation, urology operation, E.N.T. position

●optional: battery back up, neurosurgery head skull frame, waste basin, orthopedic traction frame, knee crutches, spine shelf



Technical data


Bed Panel Size

2080 x 550mm

Bed height from the ground (without pads)

Min height: 640 mm
Max height: 1020mm

Lifting route (electric)


Horizontal route (electric)


head and foot tilt (electric)

head tilt: 25 ° ± 2 °

foot tilt: 25 ° ± 2 °

Lateral tilt (electric)

Left: 22° ± 2 °

Right: 22° ± 2 °

leg plate fold (electric )

downward: 90 °

upward: 30 °

back plate fold (electric)

upward: 70°

Downward: 35°

Head section fold (electric )

Upward: 30° ± 2 °

Downward: 90° ± 2 °

Table panel X-ray absorption coefficient

≤ 0.44mmAL

External kidney bridge lifting route(manual)

120 ± 10mm

Net weight/ capacity weight

200kg/ 250kg

Table locking

Manual and electric

Power supply

220V 50Hz 300VA

YUDA owns 39 workshops, and we are the largest medical manufacture in North China. During decades of years, YUDA has successfully joined the MOH, WTO and each countries health care hospital project, we are the government listed supplier, a very famous and reliable supplier.

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