Ceiling Mount Exam Light

Ceiling Mount Exam Light

Model: YN57
Name: ceiling mount exam light
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Product Details

Product Details
Model: YN57

Name: ceiling mount exam light




1. Voltage: AC90-240V 50-60Hz
2. Input power:≤120VA
3. Fuse: F3AL250V
4. Bulb power: LED 36*3W+ 36W
5. Color temperature: 5500±500K
6. Color rendering index: 80≤Ra≤100
7. Size of lamp holder: 500mm
8. Life of bulb: 50000h
9. Working distance: 1000mm
10. Central illumination: 80000Lx
11. Spot diameter: 120-240mm
12. Lighting depth: 200mm
13. N.W.: 75KG
14. Package dimension: 1060×600×390mm
15. Packaging material: Composite wooden
16. Wall requirements: concrete structure, brick structure, 240mm brick, and   steel structure

1. International brand LED bulbs; High brightness, no temperature rise
2. Brightness adjustable, spot light adjustable;
3. Long wingspan, it can rotate 180°. A wide range of lighting, wall-placement   to save space.
Weaknesses: have high requirements on the firmness of wall.


Medical: Outpatient surgery, Dental implantology, Plastic surgery, Operating room; Pet healthcare



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