Wall Mounted Medical Examination Lamps

Model: YN120
Name: wall mounted medical examination lamps
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Product Details

Product Details
Model: YN120

Name: wall mounted medical examination lamps




LED exam lamp

Warranty:3 years

LED type: the USA CREE bead

Origin: China

Province: Shandong province, 2 hours from Shanghai

Contat information: + 86 13012921264



Wall mounted LED examination light can be widely use in fileds of surgery rooms.

With 12 3W international famous brand LED as the light source, the brightness is high and adjustable, and the light color is like sunlight. It is mainly composed of movable base, lifting column, hose and lamp holder.

The direct warp of lamp panel is 200mm, larger than common inspection lamp panel and smaller than shadowless lamp panel. Fill in the inspection of light concentration, low illumination, light depth and market price of shadowless lamp. The base casters are configured and move easily. Hose bending, the lamp holder 300 ° freedom, the larger the operation, the angles of lighting can be obtained.

This product with wide voltage input low voltage output power supply mode, work safety and stability. It can be widely used in clinic, oral, gynecology, microsurgery and microsurgery lighting.

[the product can be extended to 36 months]

[personal customization] : appearance color, logo, line mark, color temperature, illumination, AC/DC, visual



This lamp adopted the USA CREE LED beads, with more than 600,000 lux illumination, it can perfect use in many filed surgery rooms.


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