Theatre Lamp and Lighting

Model: YN36
Name: theatre lamp and lighting
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Product Details

Product Details
Model: YN36

Name: theatre lamp and lighting



The lamp source is made of 36 3W international brand LED, with high brightness and adjustable, and the lighting depth can reach 200mm. It is mainly composed of lamp panel, spring arm and wall bracket.

The lamp plate of this product is 500mm larger than the ordinary inspection lamp, and slightly smaller than the shadowless lamp disc, which fills the shortage of the expensive demand for the inspection lamp with shallow lighting, low illumination and no shadow effect. Wall installation is simple and easy to operate, lamp holder, lamp arm free rotation, multi-angle lighting, reliable wall when not in use, saving space.

This product adopts the power supply mode of wide voltage input and low voltage output, with stable performance, safety and reliability. Select high quality spring arm, accurate positioning, no displacement; It can be applied to the examination and operation of clinic, oral, gynecology, medical cosmetology and pet medical field

[the product can be extended to 36 months]

[personal customization] : appearance color, logo, color temperature, line mark, illumination + (10000Lux), visible


Medical: Outpatient surgery, Dental implantology, Plastic surgery, Operating room; Pet healthcare



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