Operation Theatre Lighting

operation theatre lighting
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Model: YDE 500/700A

Name: operation theatre lighting

Styles : Operating room light

Function: LED illumination adjusting, surgical equipment. Clinical equipment

YUDA OT Light YDE500/700 Medical quipment LED surgery lamp for hospital operation room surgical showless operating lamp

Medical Equipment LED Shadowless Surgical Lamp/Theatre Light for Operating

Room Lights



 1. Surgical led light adopted international advanced own patent technology, achieve depth of illumination, 4300+/-500K  color temperature, and color indication index of harmony and unity.
2. Imported high performance German Osram LED bead, with high effiency layout, the effect saving is superior than other brands at same illumination. 
3.Adopted LED chips with alike color temperature, prevent surgeon from dizzy.which can best maximumly suitable for doctor surgery.

   Ensure the surgeon to identify the color of vascular issue and nerve tract clearly and accurately.

4. Led chips is 1W, economic heat dissipation, improving service lifetime to 20 years.


produced by the manufacture Yuda



The LED OT light  has the backlight compensation function, which one parts of LEDs over surgeon’s head will be closed and Other Light source will be enhanced.


Model No.:

LED500/700  surgical showless operating lamp

1/ illumination


2/ LED chips

Gemerany OSRAM

3/ color temperature


4/ diameter spot


5/ light adjustable steps


6/ Color indication index Ra


7/ shadowless proportion


8/ LED using life


9/ work distance


10/ up doctor head temperature


11/ Panel type

LED display with touch screen panels

12/ minimum Installation height


13/ power

110-240V; 50/60Hz

14/ package

wooden case

15/ packing size


16/ gross weight


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